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In 1996, NR Group President Jesu Noh discovered the fundamental principle of the cosmos: the mechanism of nothingness.

Based on his discovery, Noh set out to establish an innovative system of learning to help human beings develop their perceptual abilities.

He created a body of knowledge called Ninshiki technology (perceptual technology), also known as Kanjutsu.

Since then, Noh has developed the educational content of Ninshiki technology and established a number of affiliated organizations in the private and not-for-profit sectors.

In 2007, he founded NR JAPAN Inc., and in 2014, he founded NR KOREA Inc.

In 2015, he commenced preparations for the founding of NR AMERICA. 

Our Principles

The NR Group’s motto is “Ninshiki changes the world.”

Focusing on fundamental issues related to human cognitive functions, NR Group outlines an innovative system of learning that fosters meta-Ninshiki as part of its effort to generate an economic, political, and cultural paradigm shift and to create a society and civilization of mutual respect, founded on human dignity. 

If you want to know more about

Ninshiki Technology,

here is our pamphlet!

The Team

Jesu Noh

Jesu Noh is a Reiwa philosopher who has succeeded in expressing “Ma” by the equation of 0=∞=1.

(“Reiwa” is Imperial era name in Japan and means beautiful harmony.)


25 years ago, he succeeded in observing mind as a source material and has called it as a new semiconductor of mind with “One Source, Infinity Use”. The development of a new semiconductor of mind enables us to create the era of Personal Universe which means that every person has his/her own universe. 


He is the founder of nTech (Ninshiki Technology) which complements the limitations of technology. He says that those limitations are caused by the way of thinking with the fixed perception and the fixed dimension.


He is also Homo futurus who has suggested a new happy and successful lifestyle and work style. He says that our life is not one 100-year life but is composed of lots of 0.001-second life which is the metaphor of “here and now”.

In addition, he has been both delivering a message with the key word “Human Dignity” for creating a world with absolute dignity and implementing a model for building Torus organizations.


Founder of nTech / CEO of NR Group

Ayako Hattori

Ayako Hattori is an executive coach who specializes in working with women leaders and global organizations interested in resolving conflicts and establishing mindful relationships at work places.

She began her career working at various startups, including new product development and global promotions at a healthcare company.
Ayako joined NR Group in 2007 as a project manager of the Japan-South Korea Vision Alliance. She then became a manager of NR Group’s Kyushu branch where she set the tone for NR's culture and drove the development of its mission, values and people strategy.

She enjoys discovering ways to apply her concept of dignity into daily practices and experimenting with this in business and education.

Director, Marketing Manager

Chiho Ishida

Before joining NR Group, Chiho served as a customs officer in the Investigating Section at the biggest international airport in Japan for 10 years. Dealing with endless drug trafficking, Chiho started to feel the need for approaching the fundamental root of drug problems, rather than only tightening control over smugglers.


On seeking for the answer, she met Jesu Noh, the founder of Ninshiki Technology, and came to strongly believe this unique technology is the key to solving all the problems and to transforming a human being itself through learning about “Dignity” within us.


Now Chiho is willing to share this Ninshiki Technology to the people in the world and make the peaceful world where every one of us is able to have a wonderful and happy life.

Project Manager

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