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Seminar planning, management, sales, and PR.


Event planning, management, sales, and PR.


Individual and corporate consulting.

nTech workshop is finally open to the world!


nTech, or Ninshiki (perceptual) Technology, is a uniquely systematized body of education developed in Japan since 1996. This new form of technology guides us to the deep learning of humans in this AI era through cultivating the world of meta-perception symbolized by nTech’s formula “0=∞=1.”

By understanding a simple monistic mechanism working at the root of the universe, which the human brain cannot perceive, you can possibly reach the final answer where the essence of science from the West and spiritual enlightenment form the East are perfectly merged. 

In addition, “0=∞=1,” the simple monistic mechanism, enables you to grasp the cores of anything and everything in this phenomenal world, from physical elements like objects, power, and energy, to some elusive concepts like mind and love.

We are thrilled to share what nTech is all about and to introduce you to the secrets to leading a better life, building wonderful relationships with your true self and others, maximizing creativity in work place and organizational development, and what’s more, to creating our bright future together.

If you are interested in any of the following, you’re more than welcome to join us!

  • The essential root of the “problems of perspective,” which is the ultimate key to mental performance and improving relationships 

  • How to create the “Higher Ground” for evolving a team and an organization 

  • Ninshiki (perception in Japanese) OS, which complements and evolves the limitations of human brain’s OS 

  • The final answer symbolized by “0=∞=1,” which merges the core elements of science and spirituality 

  • The origin of mindfulness and nine levels of Zen enlightenment (the nine jhanas) 

  • Relational mindfulness, which makes the most of Japanese spiritual culture and Samurai spirit 

  • Universal Dignity Leadership based on “0=∞=1,” the operating principle working at the core of the universe

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